Monday, January 4, 2010

The link between breast cancer and bras

A research by Sydney Ross Singer and his assistant, shows that constriction of the female glands for more than 12 hours a day, can lead to breast cancer in long term.
In this research which set 4,000 women under the spotlight – half with breast cancer and the other half without the disease – the two scientists came to several interesting results. 

1-     A woman who wears a bra for the whole day (24 hours) is 100 times more prone to the disease rather than a female who only wears the garment for 12 hours or less per day. Singer also showed that this link is even stronger than the effect of smoking on breast cancer. 

2-     A woman who never wears a bra is about 20 times less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in comparison with the general population.

Singer's hypothesis about this link was that the side panels, underwires and other components of the clothing, block the drainage path of the immune system. This means that the toxins won't be completely cleansed; and the build up of toxins could in long term lead to breast cancer.

"Women need to realize that," Singer says "wearing bras is a cultural phenomenon and not a natural one."  Singer's message to women is: "Wear bras as little as possible."

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