Friday, December 18, 2009

Are tattoos harmful?

Body designs are very attractive and cool and are gaining popularity at a very rapid speed. And a recent census in America showed an estimate of 15 thousand tattoo shops spread around the country. But, if you are deciding on printing one – or more – on your skin, it is a good idea to check out some of the facts. This is not at all for frightening enthusiasts but just for the sake of awareness.

The act of tattooing is much like a sewing machine, except for the fact that the needle which is pierced into the top layer of the skin, contains a segment of ink. The process might even take hours and could involve a bit of bleeding and mild pain.

The occupants in the field of tattooing along with hair dressers, manicurists and a few other occupations, are classified as "personal service workers". And in most of them, there is a relation with blood and because of this medical agencies have investigated. It is said that blood-borne diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B and C and a few more can be transferred in tattoo shops.

AIDS: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention) has stated recently that since 1985, there has been no data consumed of tattooing leading to AIDS. But, 7 cases have been pinned on dentistry.

Hepatitis C: In a recent study by the researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas which studied many patients, 18% of which had tattoos. Of this 18%, about 20% had Hepatitis C. Only 4% of the ones without tattoos had the disease. 

Although, these blood-borne diseases can be transferred under some conditions. This means that, if the needle being used is sterilized and other precautions are followed, the risk of relocation of the microbes will decrease. 

Skin allergies, infections and disorders might also show up in some bodies.
The legal age for getting a tattoo is in most countries 18 but is 16 in some European ones.

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